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Done! (: Sorry you're coming in during a time of mild drama. I can explain the situation to you if you're curious.

I have to run, but more response to your other comment later!

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Hi - I saw a comment of yours on the weddingplans community and just wanted to share that I'm also Jewish and being married to a non-Jewish groom. We are also having a Jewish wedding ceremony with a rabbi. Have you had any family drama? I'm shocked that I haven't had more with his fam.

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Hey there! Yeah, we have had more drama with my family than with his too, which is not what I would have expected given the norms of his culture. We are having two ceremonies actually, one here with the rabbi and a second Hindu one in India. I know my mom wanted me to marry a Jewish guy and she gave us some grief right after we got engaged, but I think she's getting used to the idea. What's your family doing?